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Iner@act Integrated Statements/Notices

Inter@ct Integrated Statements/Notice gives customers the ability to view statements and/or notices within Online Banking along with the option of going paperless.

  1. From the Accounts Screen, Click View Statements to go to the statement screen. NoteThe View Statements option may be available on the Account Summary screen or the Account Details Screen. 

    Accounts Summary Options box


  2. If the Customer has not configured their email address prior to accessing statements, they will receive the following message: Error pop up


  3. Navigation to Preferences ⇒ Update Email Address to update the email address.
  4. On the Edit Preferences screen, enter a valid email address and click Confirm.

    Edit Preferences message box


  5. An email is then sent with a confirmation code that will be used to configure the email.

    Email example with confirmation code


  6. Enter the confirmation code and click Continue.

    Edit Preferences with confirmation number entered in



  1. Navigation to Accounts ⇒ Accounts Summary and click View Statements.
  2. To register for Inter@act, check the paperless check box for any accounts that should be registered.
  3. Next, click Go Paperless. Please note, this option only appears if your bank has the Inter@ct plugin.

    View of statements screen


  4. Review the terms and conditions that appear next.
  5. Click View PDF to receive the necessary passcode, then enter it into the Passcode field.

    Terms and conditions with View PDF highlighted


Once users have registered, they will see a Turn off paper link instead of Go Paperless

  • Any previously registered accounts display a Delivery method of "Electronic" with the Paperless box checked. Accounts that have not been registered display a Deliver method of "Paper", with Paperless box not Checked. (See example below.)
  • Current Inter@ct customers that want to register a new account, simply need to check the Paperless check box for the accounts to register and then click "Turn off paper."
  • Since the customer is already registered, the terms and conditions will not be reviewed.
  • The customer can view statements, notices, year-end notices, and bank documents in separate sections as displayed below. To view an item, the customer will simply select the appropriate date from the drop-down if applicable, and then click View.

View of Statements screen when logged into Online Banking


Notification Emails

Customers will receive the following email notifications when new statements or notices are available to be viewed.

  • If the customer has more than six statements and/or notices available for viewing, extra verbiage "(and additional accounts not listed here)" will be printed at the bottom of the "Account Numbers Ending In" list.

Notice Notification Email


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